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Canaan Fir

White Pine

Norway Spruce


In addition to the growth and supply of our evergreens, we offer the options of both delivery and planting of your trees. We also provide a site visit service, where we can assess your landscape and offer suggestions regarding layout, spacing and quantities required.

Our available varieties are:
White Pine (from 5-6’ through to 16-20’)
Scotch Pine (from 3-4’ through to 9-10’)
Canaan Fir (from 5-6’ through to 11-12’)
Norway Spruce (from 8-9’ through to 11-12’)

Other varieties include:
White Spruce
Black Hill Spruce
Concolor Fir
Serbian Spruce

Please call Rattalee Lake Tree Farm at 248 620 2973 for pricing details about trees, services and for further information.

General Care Guidelines

We recommend planting your trees as soon as possible after acquisition and ideally evergreens are best planted in spring, early summer, or early fall.

Pines, spruces and fir prefer a sunny location and as with all newly installed trees, they should be maintained with plenty of water.

Once your tree is installed, mulch can be applied (2-4” depth) around the soil packed tree base to help conserve moisture and maintain soil temperature.

When the time comes to prune your tree to keep a pleasing shape, follow the natural form of the tree, leaving plenty of green foliage and growth buds to ensure even regrowth. It is generally advisable to prune before spring growth or during the semi-dormant period in summer.